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FleetLogik meets the demands of public and private utilities


Organizations that maintain and upgrade public and private utilities have a large array of vehicles and equipment that they need to maintain and monitor. Also, there are many different variables that need to be monitored on these assets.


  • How does your organization monitor the location of its various assets?
  • Do you know the condition and readiness of every asset?
  • Can you accurately dispatch your assets knowing they are ready for service?
  • What kind of improvements could be made to your organizations work flow?
With FleetLogik Telematics GPS utility providers can greatly increase their overall performance and efficiency. With a GPS solution, utility companies can label stationary assets, track various mobile assets and even route them to specific locations based on the closest team during routine or disaster services.
The features available on the FleetLogik platform are a perfect fit for the many needs of utility company Telematics GPS. With our platform, utility companies can track where their assets are, who is in charge of them, and much more. They can even label stationary assets (such as utility poles or operation stations) so that dispatchers can make notes about locations and even send the closest team to these assets.
FleetLogik uses a variety of GPS devices that allow for specific configuration to the many assets a Utility Company manages. These devices can track a variety of vehicles and equipment, while also monitoring a large variety of sensors including PTO, Fuel, contact magnet, even temperatures and pressures. The Businesses can even submit their own mapping data to FleetLogik so that Geospatial data such as water, power or gas lines can be added to platform for easy deployment of work crews.


  • Increased Efficiency & Profitability
  • Government Compliance
  • Reduced Liability & Risks
  • Independent Trailer Tracking
  • Maximum Security
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Improved Employee and Customer Satisfaction
  • Environmentally Conscious/ Promote and advance your GREEN initiatives
  • Protect your vehicles and employees/ Heightened Safety
  • Generate tangible Return-on-Investment (R.O.I.) results
  • Reduce operating costs