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Meet Heavy Equipment demands with a Heavy Duty FleetLogik Solution


Heavy equipment has heavy demands. FleetLogik knows what it takes to stand up to those demands. You will know where all of your equipment and operators are located, and how the equipment is being used. You will also know if equipment is being moved without permission, even after hours, with pinpoint location data provided by global positioning satellites. Information is sent to your office, phones or tablets in real-time.


Creating solutions for heavy equipment requires durable GPS devices and a variety of work-tested sensors. Companies that need a wide deployment of vehicle types can count on FleetLogik to provide the right durable vehicle-tracking device. Many of these devices combine with other sensors to gather unique data specific to the equipment type. PTO switches can be used to determine when a separate vehicle system, such as lift device or cement mixer, is activated and shut down. Dump bodies can be monitored for loads, vehicles can be equipped with fuel, pressure and temperature sensors. We have engineers who can customize applications to suit the most demanding business needs. There are also solutions for individuals on the construction site. This ensures that all workers are safe, secure and in case of emergency, accounted for. Devices such as the Sanav GL-200 can be used to track an individual worker.


  • Increased Efficiency & Profitability
  • Government Compliance
  • Reduced Liability & Risks
  • Independent Trailer Tracking
  • Maximum Security
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Improved Employee and Customer Satisfaction
  • Environmentally Conscious/ Promote and advance your GREEN initiatives
  • Protect your vehicles and employees/ Heightened Safety
  • Generate tangible Return-on-Investment (R.O.I.) results
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Enforce work and safety zones