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Maximize Delivery Performance with FleetLogik


A GPS solution for delivery-oriented companies can be used for a variety of purposes. Devices can be installed in delivery vehicles to track them from location to location, establish optimized routing, and improve dispatching. The system can be used to high priority or high value shipments maximum security and customer assurance.


Delivery services require a great amount of organization, planning and correct execution to be competitive and profitable. Optimizing assets and routes is essential. Tracking driver performance and safety is even more important with the greater hours of driving generally associated with delivery workforce management. FleetLogik has extensive experience with delivery based services and has a host of reports and capabilities to drive service excellence. Delivery vehicles such as trucks, cars and even a scooter can be tracked with one of the many dedicated vehicle Telematics GPS devices. Every device can be associated with customized properties and information that can be easily input and updated on the FleetLogik platform. Customized alerts can be generated based on location in relation to geofences or pinpoint locations. There a variety of devices that can be integrated to the platform that can be attached to shipments. Even smart phone based options are available for owner-operator or employee provided vehicle options.


  • Increased Efficiency & Profitability
  • Government Compliance
  • Hours of Service and DVIR Capabilities
  • Reduced Liability & Risks
  • Improve Routing and Dispatch
  • Independent Trailer Tracking
  • Maximum Security
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Improved Employee and Customer Satisfaction
  • Environmentally Conscious/ Promote and advance your GREEN initiatives
  • Protect your vehicles and employees/ Heightened Safety
  • Generate tangible Return-on-Investment (R.O.I.) results
  • Reduce operating costs