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FleetLogik has proven advantages to public and private school districts, transportation systems and charter operations


With FleetLogik Connect, your school or transportation system can offer better, safer and more secure services while reducing costs. With our school bus tracking solutions, your district can manage the exceptions, giving you instant visibility into what is happening in real-time. You can also identify and take care of mechanical issues before they sideline your buses. And with FleetLogik If a parent calls for information, FleetLogik Connect gives you instant access to pick-up and drop-off records and lets you disseminate route and schedule changes to the entire fleet or just one bus instantly.



  • Increased Efficiency & Profitability
  • Government, District Compliance
  • Reduced Liability & Risks
  • Maximum Security and Passenger Confidence
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction
  • Environmentally Conscious/ Promote and advance your GREEN initiatives
  • Protect your vehicles and employees/ Heightened Safety
  • Generate tangible Return-on-Investment (R.O.I.) results
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Passenger and parent scheduling notifications
  • Route optimization