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Truck Tranportation
Go the extra mile with the increased fuel economy and improved fleet efficiency you’ll gain from the FleetLogik Connect solution. Improve safety scores, lower risks and improve regulatory compliance with a full EOBR compliant platform.
Utilities,Oil and Gas
Maximize the productivity of utilities equipment and personnel with our FleetLogik Connect solution for utilities, featuring integrated work order management. Optimize routes and improve operations and disaster and storm response with high accountability.
The FleetLogik platform allows companies operating various types of equipment to track assets and maintain constant awareness of both where their equipment is and the conditions it’s operating.
Companies that deliver products and goods need to move them in the most efficient, reliable and timely manner. This means employers must make sure there are no inefficient practices that stand in the way of delighting customers.
Bus, Passenger Transport
With FleetLogik Connect, your school or transportation system can offer better, safer and more secure services while reducing costs. With our school bus tracking solutions, your district can manage the exceptions and give you instant visibility into your operation, in real-time.
Field Services
Small businesses need to be cost-conscious. No business is too small to benefit from FleetLogik Connect. Landscaping, pool maintenance, painting, pest control and other small businesses can monitor and dispatch employees, save time and money, eliminate waste and lower insurance costs with GPS tracking for their service vehicle fleets
Delivery Optimization
There is more to delivery than getting from point A to B.  We leverage years of expertise working with global providers of logistics, parcel delivery and transportation services to bring affordable route optimization and cost savings to companies of all sizes. 
Professional Services
FleetLogik offers first-class professional services for the design, implementation and execution of efficient and effective fleet management solutions. We will meet 100% of your requirements and get you the results you need in the time you need them.