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Turn Signal Trivia Turn Signal Trivia

Turn Signal Trivia

Buick originally tried to eliminate the all-to-familiar clicking noise from turn signals in 1940

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The first application of a flashing electric turn signal was used on the 1938 Buick as a new safety feature called the “Flash-Way Directional Signal” and standard by 1940.  Manufactures originally tried to muffle the familiar clicking noise we have become accustom to.  Today, the clicking noise is added intentionally though the speakers or other means.   
Innovation Drives More Than Profits Innovation Drives More Than Profits

Innovation Drives More Than Profits

Innovations have advanced automotive safety throughout history

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The automobile has been synonymous with innovation since it’s early beginnings, not always driven by profit alone. Volvo introduced the 3 point seat belt in 1959 but chose to open up the patent to all manufactures, saving millions of lives over the years as a result.

Stay Right at Night

Safe driving tip to avoid dangerous wrong way drivers and over center-line collisions

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The slogan refers to driving in the furthest right hand lane possible and is a good tip for drivers to follow to avoid wrong way drivers. Statistics show most fatal crashes happen in the...