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Attitude is a Choice Attitude is a Choice

Attitude is a Choice

The New Year is off to a great start and I choose to say so.

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On the top of my list of New Year’s resolutions is to be less tolerating of negative people.  I came to the conclusion that somewhere along the line I became conditioned to accept negative people for who they are as if they are a protected class or culture. The quiet head-nodding or placating the occasional habitual whiner is what a leader does to demonstrate compassion and patience right?  

Reeling in Vehicle Recalls Reeling in Vehicle Recalls

Reeling in Vehicle Recalls

Fleets Need to Make Recall Management a Priority

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Managing vehicle recall notifications is serious business. In each case, a specific vehicle issue has been discovered that could affect the safety of the operator, passengers or general public.  Why then, do a considerable number of recalls remain open despite the manufacture’s dire warnings and notifications?  Recall management is a real and growing problem for fleet operators...

U.S. ethane consumption fell significantly in February because of severe cold weather (5/5/2021)

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Annual U.S. ethane consumption has increased every year since 2008 because demand for ethane as a petrochemical feedstock has been growing, and we expect this trend to continue through 2022, according to our Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO). However, extreme winter weather in February 2021 in the Gulf Coast region—where most ethane in the United States is consumed—led to a decline in U.S. ethane consumption of 654,000 barrels per day (b/d) from January levels. February marks the largest single month decline in history, and this large decline is a result of ethylene cracker outages from the mid-February winter storm. Although most of the ethylene crackers used to process ethane came back online by mid-March, some remained offline through the end of the month and into the first week of April because the cold weather had severely damaged the facilities. ...

U.S. crude oil imports from OPEC are down, but imports from Canada remain high (4/28/2021)

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Crude oil imports into the United States reached a peak in 2005, but they dropped 42% between 2005 and 2020 to an average of 5.9 million barrels per day (b/d), the lowest level since 1991. During this period, U.S. crude oil imports from OPEC members decreased rapidly, but imports from non-OPEC members remained relatively high. In particular, crude oil imports from Canada more than doubled to an average of 3.6 million b/d. As a result, Canada’s share of total U.S. crude oil imports increased, reaching a record-high share of 61% in 2020. Weekly preliminary crude oil imports by country of origin (four-week rolling average) show that U.S. crude oil imports from Canada in 2021 (as of April 23) have been down only slightly from the same period in 2020. At the same time, imports from selected members of OPEC are down by 48%. (EIA does not collect weekly data on every member of OPEC.) Voluntary OPEC production cuts are contributing to lower U.S. crude oil imports from OPEC members. The comparatively stable U.S. crude oil imports from Canada, however, are mostly the result of longer-term trends in Canada’s crude oil production and refining economics. ...

Increased U.S. air travel is beginning to increase jet fuel demand (4/21/2021)

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The number of U.S. air travel passengers has increased in recent weeks, which may be the result of normal seasonal increases, easing COVID-19 restrictions, and rising vaccination rates. Air travel passenger levels serve as a leading barometer of jet fuel demand, which increased consistently in late March and early April. Increasing U.S. air traffic will likely continue through the rest of the year as more people are vaccinated and as U.S. travelers become more comfortable with air travel. ...