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Innovation Drives More Than Profits

Innovation Drives More Than Profits

Innovations have advanced automotive safety throughout history

Author: FleetLogik/Monday, December 4, 2017/Categories: Featured, FastFacts

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The automobile has been synonymous with innovation since it’s early beginnings, not always driven by profit alone. Volvo introduced the 3 point seat belt in 1959 but chose to open up the patent to all manufactures, saving millions of lives over the years as a result.

Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin had spent much of his career in aviation, and used techniques learned in that industry to come up with the idea of a three-point safety belt for cars that would cover the driver's torso as well as their lap.

Volvo introduced the set-up in 1959 and by 1963 it had made it to the US. But instead of exploiting a potentially huge advantage in car safety, the Swedish firm elected to open up the patent so everyone else could offer it too. Millions of lives have been saved by the modern seat belt as a result.

Let's make sure the safety innovations we have are used to their benefit, and remember #slowdownsaves 

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