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Truck and Bus OEM Launches Uptime Guarantee

Truck and Bus OEM Launches Uptime Guarantee

New service offering designed around premier maintenance and repair practices to ensure agreed upon levels of uptime

Author: FleetLogik/Thursday, October 12, 2017/Categories: Featured, In the News

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Scania now extends its service Fleet Care, which enables truck and bus operators to fully focus on providing services while Scania ensures timely maintenance and repairs. This service is now being broadened with the introduction of Scania Fleet Care with Uptime Guarantee that includes assigning dedicated fleet managers to oversee customer fleets for turn key management.

The new service additionally focuses on maintaining uptime. Truck hauliers and bus operators select the uptime they wish to uphold in a given time frame. In cities, for example, hauliers in retail distribution and city bus operators and might opt for 100 percent uptime Mondays through Fridays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Scania will then ensure that maintenance and repairs are carried out on weekday evenings and nights as well as during weekends along with state of the fleet management to ensure maximum reliability.  

Tailored for uptime-sensitive operations  

The service is specifically developed for uptime-sensitive operations with strict time slots and high daily utilisation of vehicles, including fuel transports, city buses and businesses with clear seasonal patterns such as coach tourism.

"We are giving customers a wide choice in selecting the hours that really matter for them, namely those generating profit," says Claes Åkerlund, Head of Scania Service Concepts. "The service can be precisely tailored to their business and when their operational needs are greatest."

Dedicated fleet managers

Each Fleet Care with Uptime Guarantee contract will thus be tailored and discussed individually. Scania will continuously monitor uptime and provide automatic compensation for any deviation from the agreed terms.

The dedicated fleet manager at Scania will take full responsibility for planning maintenance, preventive repairs and other repairs. The fleet manager will have full overview of the customer fleet and plan workshop actions to meet the uptime requirements.

"The advantage for transport operators is that they can dimension fleet sizes precisely to transport needs, thereby avoiding costly surplus capacity as a safeguard for unplanned disruptions."

Improving Total Operating Economy

For buses, Scania Fleet Care with Uptime Guarantee is available for all bus bodies with Scania chassis. For trucks, the service is available for all vehicles connected to Scania Fleet Management. Scania Fleet Care with Uptime Guarantee will from November 2017 be available in selected European countries with continued roll-out planned for the coming months.

"Uptime is a crucial parameter for achieving a healthy Total Operating Economy. With this extended service, transporters can rest assured that the vehicles will always be available when needed the most," explains Åkerlund.



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