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Route Optimization Benefits Companies of All Types and Sizes

Route Optimization Benefits Companies of All Types and Sizes

Reducing non-productive travel time and miles is key to an efficient fleet operation

Author: FleetLogik/Friday, May 5, 2017/Categories: Featured, Products and Services

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There are two fundamentals of fleet management- Right Vehicle and Right Work.  Right vehicle principals ensures that the size, type, condition and care are best aligned with the requirements for the fleet mission.  As a simple illustration, you wouldn’t buy pick-up trucks if your business was to pick up passengers.  Efforts surrounding Right Vehicle generally have focused on ensuring the lightest, most efficient vehicle is assigned to do the maximum amount of Right Work.  In any kind of delivery business, maximizing the work of the fleet requires minimizing the miles and time spent driving.     

If you operate any type of company fleet chances are you manage routes every day.  Some merely use pen and paper or gut instincts, others use technology.  The fact is, route optimization has proven to be one of the most critical aspects of fleet management regardless of what you are delivering - packages, meals, landscaping, cleaning services, even sales calls.  

Route optimization can significantly increase efficiency and productivity while reducing miles by as much as 40%. When miles are reduced so are fuel, maintenance, vehicle depreciation and payroll expenses.  And let’s not forget, the safest miles are always those NOT driven.   Despite these compelling facts many have not taken the steps to implement a routing solution of their own.   Sometimes companies wrongly fear the cost of implementing a solution or assume they have experienced field personnel that know their local territories and routes best. UPS, one of the most disciplined delivery organizations in the world still claim 12% route efficiency when utilizing their ORION technology over even their best professional delivery drivers, saving 10M gallons of fuel and more than $300M to the bottom line annually. 

Standard feature of FleetLogik Connect.  FleetLogik leverages years of expertise working with global providers of logistics, parcel delivery and transportation services to bring affordable route optimization and cost savings to companies of all sizes. Utilizing both a web-based version for office operations and a mobile application for drivers and field employees, Connect Logistics helps minimize windshield time and maximize capacity of your fleet with up to 40% more efficient routes. Enter or upload orders and let FleetLogik Connect plot routes based upon available hours, service commitments, distances, capacity, vehicle types and more.  Learn more  


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