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Cleaning Company Saves $100,000 per year with Fleet Telematics

Cleaning Company Saves $100,000 per year with Fleet Telematics

Companies that rely on mobile work forces benefit from the visibility fleet telematics provides

Author: FleetLogik/Friday, September 8, 2017/Categories: Featured, Products and Services

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Having a fleet of vehicles is a real asset for companies that rely on mobile teams to deliver products and services.  This does not just apply to transport, logistics and delivery companies, but also to many other businesses and professionals, such as caregivers, field service technicians, sales teams and even cleaning companies.

From smaller to larger business, those who operate a fleet of vehicles can realize significant savings from more efficient and controlled use of their fleet.  Fleet tracking allows companies to keep tabs on the costs. Vehicles are clearly necessary in order for staff to provide their services, but of course, they generate costs in fuel, maintenance, wear and tear and potential risks, if not driven safely. Identifying nonproductive hours or inefficient and unsafe driving behaviors is a critical aspect of mobile workforce management. 

In today’s economic environment it is increasingly important to generate further savings as competition is higher and margins tighter. Telematics helps companies better manage their fleets and overcome key challenges with a mobile workforce: 

  • balancing costs with the high standards of customer service
  • managing to budgets and improving margins
  • insuring vehicles are being operated safely and securely
  • planning work schedules, minimizing nonproductive hours and miles
  • verifying service delivery and providing customer updates in real time
  • lowering fuel consumption and minimizing carbon footprint

One commercial cleaning business was looking for a solution to improve their operations—they were specifically looking to cut fleet costs while still guaranteeing great customer service and a safe environment for their staff and the general public. Today, the company is generating an  annual savings of more than $1,700 per vehicle or $119,000 right to the bottom line with fleet telematics. Geofencing- the ability to track when a vehicle or mobile employee arrives and departs a location proved extremely beneficial.  Management was able to compare to payroll hours and determine where specific jobs were not meeting plan.  Adjustments to schedules yielded a 22% reduction in overtime hours within the first 90 days of using telematics.     

Every business is unique and that’s why FleetLogik believes every business needs the attention of experienced fleet management professionals to insure fleet solutions meet the specific needs of our clients.      

FleetLogik offers qualified fleets the opportunity to pilot GPS Fleet Tracking for free.  Call or click today to learn more about the FleetLogik way and how fleets are using telematics to improve service and lower costs. You can also use our online calculator to estimate your savings. 


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4 comments on article "Cleaning Company Saves $100,000 per year with Fleet Telematics"

Hana B

9/11/2017 10:25 AM

It is so great to know where all of our crews are in FL during and after the storm! Thank you FleetLogik! Q

Chris T

10/19/2017 8:56 AM

We only have 12 vehicles, but we did lower truck cost by about 9K this year- about 4 times the investment- plus other benefits that are hard to $. It does make a diference having people that know the business.

John M

12/20/2017 10:40 AM

Had GPS tracking for several years, but never really understood how to use things like this until we switched over to fleetlogik.


12/20/2017 10:45 AM

John- Thanks for the comment! You and team are doing a great job over there, good to see the benefits working. Lets us know if we can help!

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