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FleetLogik is a specialized consultancy and fleet management firm based in Chicago IL. Backed with more 200 years of combined fleet experience and a history of more than 250,000 vehicles we have the fleet know how, systems and services to help better manage your company's fleet. We have worked with clients operating in a wide range of industries, with fewer than 25 vehicles to more than 35,000. FleetLogik has both the tactical experience and organizational agility to quickly assess our client’s operations and implement proven solutions that deliver unquestionable cost effective results. 
Fleet is our business.    


 Our full featured GPS based FleetLogik Connect platform provides our clients a suite of solutions from fleet tracking and driver behavior monitoring to delivery and field service dispatching all at an affordable cost.  We developed Connect as a solution for real-world fleet challenges and help or clients implement the solutions they need from real world experience.
We know fleet management.   


Interested in joining our team? We are always looking for the best and most experienced candidates to help shape our future and drive client success.  Check out open positions at our Career Center or send a brief cover letter and resume to  Please include specific areas of experience, countries and cultures you have worked and any second languages.
Our people share our passion.